The firm is reputed to be a reference in Social / Labor Law (work and social security regulations) which is its first specialization, practically without equivalent in Lebanon. This high specialization comes with privileged relations with the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Social Affairs and National Social Security Fund, of which Lawyer Georges KADIGE was Chairman of the board for 5 years from 1983 to 1988. The firm has equally privileged relations with several other Ministries and Public offices and entities, these relations offering many opportunities to facilitate the solution of its clients’ problems.

The importance that our firm has won, especially since peace was set up again in 1990, made it hard to limit its scope of work to only one field of Law especially in a country particularly small as Lebanon. For these reasons it had been compelled to consolidate the other fields of Law, where it recorded many successes, obtaining decisions, which have set up many “first case law”.

This extension, and for concern regarding methodology, and to avert confusion and disorder, has driven us necessarily to confide the responsibility of each department to a lawyer, in order to help and improve the development of the activity and specially the continuity and the follow up of work.

So, Lawyer Georges KADIGE, is in charge of the Department of Social Law. He is closely assisted by Lawyer Michel KADIGE, (also holder of an MBA from “Ecole Supérieure des Affaires de Beyrouth”, school associated with HEC and ESCP-EAP, Paris) – who is appointed to the Commercial Law Department, the Corporate Law and the Media and Broadcasting Law. The other Lawyers appointed to the law firm share out Civil Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law and Personal Status (which is very complicated in Lebanon due to the numerous rites and religions, each rite having its own Personal Status Law approved and established by the State).